It’s October , the month for raising awareness about mental health ….challenging stigma’s and breaking down barriers ….. is once a year enough for raising awareness about mental health ? ….. Approximately 1-4 person experience mental health problems each year . Anxiety disorder and Depression are the most common mental health disorders in the United Kingdom. Men with depression and anxiety disorders are still underpresented in mental health statistics. A few months ago Eastenders raised awareness about misinterpretation of psychosomatic symptoms as a physical ill-health ( Anxiety and Chest pain) . Great work , really done well.

On the 10th October 2019 – My challenge will be no Whatsup , Messenger , Facebook or Instagram. NO TEXTING !!!!!!!!! Call a friend , have a chat . Arrange to meet at the cafe for tea and cake.

” It’s O.k . to not be O.K. .. Just don’t give up ” quotation from Depression Awareness.