We support people to receive personalised care that meet their individual needs
We make sure people and their relatives are fully involved in making decisions about the care people need and want
We support people to access health professionals and other specialists when they needed to


Meal preparation, support with dietary intake | Washing, bathing, dressing and undressing| Managing continence | 24 hour care


Companionship & socialising |
Shopping | Collecting pensions medications and similar chores | 
​Attending outings and assisting with community-based activities | Respite



House keeping | Laundry | Ironing


We recognise that due to medical advances, people with serious illnesses are often living in poor conditions for longer.  

Ensuring dignity, compassion and respect in these circumstances is a priority in the care we provide and we see each day as an opportunity to improve on the day before.

Our ethos at Care Compassion is to provide the highest quality care and support possible. This service has been designed to ensure that individuals dignity is protected at all times. 

As part of the training our team members learn and discuss differing cultural needs of clients and practice at end of life.


At Saturn Care we offer professional, reliable 24-Hour Care services to all of our patients. Our home care services take all your specific requests and demands into consideration and guarantee personalised attention. Whatever the hour may be, we are readily available to cater to your needs.


We provide support to service users with complex mental health needs to live independently in the community.

We will support you to maintain compliance with medication and attend follow up appointments

RESPITE AND NeuroDiverse

We recognise that it is generally not the NeuroDiverse that prevents people from taking on new challenges or living more independently but rather restrictions in the community surrounding them. 

We design our support packages on personalities, likes, dislikes, goals and ambitions focusing on what people can do rather than potential obstacles, with a clear intention of helping them developing and enjoying success like everyone else.