Silver Angel

A therapist read this story to her group. I sat at the back of the room eating my lunch and unknowingly I was apart of the group. The words and meaning of the this story resonate with me , I was captivated by the sadness and the beauty.

A week later I met the therapist and asked her for the name of the book , I wanted to have that story , that book , on my book shelf , for my children and hopefully grandchildren.

I was not suprised ……. do you believe that ….. when the therapist said ” It is my story , I wrote that book , it is about my family history ” Hashtag ” Nikki Morris ” .

” She fluttered in the breeze , looking down at the earth below, yearning to land. She was exhausted. There was so much to fear – the powerful wind , the freezing rain and the ravenous birds and spiders. She was also disturbed by vivid memories , in which she was wingless , wriggling through the dirt. She bore little resemblance to the creature of her dreams and yet , the dusty earth felt so familiar , as did the incessant hunger ” Author Nikki Morris.