Diversity is Good For Us All



On the 2nd Sunday every month I support a service user to attend the Ethiopian Orthodox Church in Battersea , normally we are seated at the back , church is always full. Today she was accepting holy communion ,we were seated at the front. The immense joy to watch the children performance in their native language ” Amharic”. The congregation making the sound ( I cant describe it with words) imagine the ” The Lion King …. when all the animals get together to celebrate Simba’s Christening”.

The sense of pride I felt whilst I watched the fathers ,wrapped in Macawiis taking their children up for blessing. The sense community , unity and togetherness at the end of the service , when all the congregation come together to eat Injera with stew … I was being fed ” No you must eat with us ” one lady said as the took the pieces of injera with stew and put it in my mouth.